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Monday, 12 December 2016 10:23

Christmas charity baking – team building event

Based on our experiences have being collected during the past years, it can be said that for the efficient work it is inevitable to have a cohesive team, whose members can communicate fluently and cooperate with each other, and who have good time together in the office, as well. 

To preserve and improve our little, well-functioning community, we are always trying to organize entertaining and useful team building events. We have already been to rafting and ice skating together, managed to get out from an escape room, but it is unnecessary to deny that one of the most successful and familial events was the team building cooking. 

Therefore, we decided to have one last team building event this year and the idea of cooking together has eventually won all the votes.

However, since at PMX Consulting social affairs also have high priority, it was obvious that considering the coming holidays, we are going to combine the pleasure with a kind of donation or charity action.

That’s how we got the idea to make some cakes and sweets during our team building event, which cakes then were given to the families of a shelter house in Nyíregyháza.

We were excitedly waiting for that Friday of December, when in the Gastropolis Cooking School with the very effective help of Chef Titusz we managed to make some Christmas orange jam, and to bake brownies with dried fruits and gingerbread cupcakes.

By sharing the gallery below, we wish to make you feel the hilarious atmosphere, that we had during the baking programme. We had a really good time together and were happy to make these small presents for the children.

20161209 151144-COLLAGE

20161209 151317-COLLAGE

20161209 151933-COLLAGE

20161209 152508-COLLAGE

20161209 152412-COLLAGE

20161209 153340-COLLAGE

20161209 153151-COLLAGE

20161209 153415-COLLAGE