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Tuesday, 21 February 2017 14:23

Programme for this summer: AGN Meeting in Budapest, 2017

We were delighted to hear that the AGN International* decided to organise its European Regional Meeting (EURM2017) in Budapest, thus – as the sole Hungarian Member of AGN, PMX Consulting will also have an important role on the event.

We firmly believe that this is an excellent opportunity not only for us, but also for our Clients, since the Meeting brings several benefits. Besides that we can participate in different tax, economic and business presentations, which provide us with a large amount of information, the Meeting’s main aim is the networking, meaning that the more AGN Members we personally contact with, the greater efficiency we will gain to support our Clients during their international transactions.  

Our – and as well as the AGN’s – objective is to establish such a cross-boarding and strong network, which enables us to provide tax advisory services to any domestic and international activities.

That is why we are waiting for this Meeting, and we can promise to share the Meeting’s all important information with our Clients.

AGN is one of the Top 6 accounting associations in the world, helping us to support our Clients’ international businesses and also overseas companies performing transactions in Hungary.

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