Taxation in focus



Our company, uniquely on the domestic market, carries out tax consulting services as its sole activity. Our experts solve complex taxation problems for companies on a daily basis, they participate  in tax legislation processes by giving their professional opinion on tax acts, assist at corporate restructurings, mergers and acquisitions concerning tax matters. Thus our experts are experienced, their knowledge is reliable and up-to-date regarding all aspects of domestic taxation.


Our scope of activity covers the entire spectrum of taxation, starting with tax consulting and tax planning through assisting at corporate restructuring until managing transfer pricing related tasks. 

The elements of our service portfolio has been planned so that they can meet the utmost of our clients’ requirements and needs. However, in a quickly changing economic and legal environment the services have to be readjusted from time to time, to be able to give prompt and adequate responds to the rapidly changing needs of companies.


Consequently, the principle of our service development strategy is to generate and manage a service portfolio that withstands the changing market demands the best. It means that the services listed above aren’t strictly defined, unchangeable categories. In accordance with the needs of the clients and the market, any combination of them can be worked out along with developing a completely new service that’s not listed here.


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