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Tax Audit

 When is a tax audit useful?

If it is carried out by our experts prior to the inspection of the tax administration (NAV). 

This service is designed to disclose the critical points and business flows in the affected period regarding each type of tax before the tax inspection. Depending on the depth of the audit, we either quantify the risks, or even eliminate the disclosed mistakes by preparing a self-revision. In addition to all this, a tax audit draws your attention to the fact that certain business flows need to be restructured so that they are handled correctly also from a tax point of view. 


When is it worth making a tax audit?

 It is extremely important in two cases:

- when the time passed since filing the tax return, the content of the tax return or other circumstances suggest that an extensive inspection is to be expected,

- before the change in ownership or management: it is the primal interest of the future owner or chief officer to identify the existing tax risks related to the business unit prior to the shift.


 We have gained experience regarding this field in the last 15 years, and furthermore, one of our colleagues has also acquired some experience in tax investigations as a former employee of the tax administration (NAV).


For further information please, contact Péter Natkay partner, tax expert.