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Tax Planning

In the XXI. century's  Europe a good part of the costs/outgoings of a company are made up by different kinds of taxes. It follows that the efficient management of this remarkable cost element is fundamental out of the aspect of competitiveness. It can be declared without any excess that tax planning and tax management have become a strategic matter for the companies in Hungary. A strategic matter, but not only among classical users, leaders working in financial and economic fields, but also in the fields of sales, marketing and HR. By the time business flow inside the company is being planned and developed, it should also be considered that its taxation aspects are being registered, so that the company’s taxation risk will be reduced this way. 

For multinational company groups there is a possibility for international or domestic tax planning either.

This means unique contractual solutions and company structures which guarantee optimal conditions out of the aspect of taxation, either for foreign investments in Hungary or for the expansion of Hungarian undertakings abroad. Tax planning possibilities related to treaties on avoiding double taxation also belong here, as well as withholding tax planning and issues related to the problems of a permanent establishment, of financing and thin capitalization. 

Due attention shall be paid both to an efficient domestic and international tax planning and to forming business flow in accordance with taxation. Our experts are especially experienced in both of the points.