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Dear Guest!

Allow me to begin my introduction with a citation instead of a conventional intro:


„But the age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators, has succeeded.”

{Edmond Burke}


The topicalness and the actuality of these almost 300 year old words here in the XXI. century has been astonishing me again and again. It is probably the most felicitous way to express the fact that our social-economic system has become so dramatically complex, complicated, that getting on, orientating and go efficiently in it is yet only possible with a correct expert’s assistance. Our company’s experts, as taxation’s modern „calculators“ of the XXI. century, provide professional help in the fields of companies’ law and taxation. It is our conviction that professional calling, being client-concentrated, and being committed for solving the problems are the factors which guarantee that the services our clients receive from us have the highest quality and level ever possible.

That is why we offer a service portfolio in the field of tax consulting which covers the whole consulting palette, from providing a prompt help to writing a technical dictum of a few pages or making a complex company tax audit. 

Our service system is built up out of modules, that means single services and service packs are available either. 

Should these few words have raised your interest, you can find more details on the pages following, either about our services or about their availability or about the company. However, do not forget that even the most detailed, the best written material can’t substitute a personal contact, getting in touch with each other directly. 

Yours respectfully/until we get in touch personally:

Szalai János partner, tax expert