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Tax consulting services

Direct taxes - consulting

Regarding direct taxes such as corporate and personal income tax or social security contributions, we can advise you on tax issues arising during the daily operations of your Company or at the introduction and marketing of a new product, or even on questions raised at the launch of a whole new project.

Our experts can give you prompt, competent, value for money advice in any of the following fields: business discounts, customer loyalty programs, stock option programs, compliance with the thin cap rules and other corporate tax base modifying items, application and use of the various tax credits, introduction of cafeteria programs (fringe benefit) or even social security contribution payable in cross-border employment structures.

And of course, let’s not forget the ever widening and somewhat special aspect of direct taxes, the transfer pricing rules and regulations. For further information please follow Transfer Pricing.

The professional materials, case studies and authority rulings uploaded in our Knowledge Base provide you with a more accurate and in-depth picture on the expertise within PMX Consulting regarding this area of taxation.

For further information, please contact   Mr. János Szalai (partner, certified tax expert).

Mergers & acquisitions

How much is the tax duty involved in a new service product, or in bringing in a leader’s program including a shares option? 

Which tax duties are involved in M&A transactions like an acquisition or a merger, demerger or selling a business unit of a company ? 

There are many kinds of business transactions which all should be considered from different points of view. Their tax-planning, structuring and assessment aspects should take into account the goal of arriving to the most advantageous solution as far as business and taxation targets are concerned.

Within the confines of transaction consulting, at the request of our clients’ orders, we disclose the possibilities of carrying out a transaction, their tax and legal aspects in order that the decision makers could take them into account just before making the final decision.

Tax reporting and compliance services

Compliance relating different taxes, statutory account and tax reporting have become an incredibly complex issue for nowadays. The decisions to centralize finances and accounting processes in favour of cost-effectiveness may result in further difficulties, especially concerning the paying and administration of local taxes. These additional difficulties increase the risk of administrative failures, as well as minimize the opportunity for tax planning and strategic forecast.

In view of the above considerations and by keeping in mind the demand for cost-effectiveness we provide assistance - in cooperation with our partner accountant - by continuously managing our clients' tax registration and tax compliance processes, as well as submitting their tax returns regularly.

Our tax reporting and compliance services include among others:

  • assistance for the VAT registration in Hungary (Pursuant to the EU VAT Directive, EU-resident companies, not having permanent establishment and VAT registration in Hungary, but doing trade of goods and/or services involving the territory of Hungary, become subject to tax liability in Hungary and need to have a VAT registration),
  • submitting tax returns (VAT, corporate income tax, other and local taxes) monthly/ quarterly, as well as preparing general and sub-ledgers,
  • administration and representation of the Client during the VAT registration,
  • representation of the Client during a tax audit,
  • administration of tax refunds.


Please, contact us for further details.